Dumplin’-book review

“I’m Dumplin’. And Will and Willowdean. I’m fat. I’m happy. I’m insecure. I’m bold.”

The title of this post should’ve been: how I fell in love with Julie’s writing. Or maybe something like how I was more than impressed by a YA book. Anyway, we will get there too. Hello, my dears and welcome to another review. Today we will be talking about Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy.

I had no idea whom Julie Murphy was or what was her writing style like, but I do remember when I bought this book and how I didn’t have any expectation of it (I was a sucker for its cover). And I can say I was a coward to not read it earlier. It is beautiful and easy to read. I know, I am not a YA fan, but this book changed my opinion.


Now, it may be because of the beautiful way that Julie related the facts, the writing style, mentioning the smallest details without boring you. It might be because of its story, or because of “dumplin'”. Either way, I liked it. And I was excited to find out that the second book is already out. So stay tuned for part 2.

Until then, we meet Willowdean, a Texas girl, and Dolly Parton’s nr1 fan. She is a bit overweight, she is bold, and she is the real “go big or go home” kind of girl. And I fu*king loved that. Willowdean’s mother is a former beauty queen, so all her life, Will had to go through diets and uneasy decisions made by her mother. But still, she is used by all of those, she has a part-time job, and Ellen, her best friend.


All this cute and pretty normal life of Willowdean will soon change. She will somehow fall in love with Bo, a good-looking former jock. Her insecurities and self-knowledge will make her doubt about Bo having feelings for her too. Which is totally understandable (been there, done that). But, she had this crazy idea of entering the Miss Clover City beauty pageant. She needs to be confident again, to prove that every girl should be there, and not only the “selected” ones.

Things will complicate along the way: secrets from the past, losing her best friend, changing the workplace and not seeing Bo anymore, the shock her mother has when she finds out about her intentions, and so on.


Now, it will be easier for me to tell you what I didn’t like instead of what I enjoyed in this book. And that is because I loved this book and the flaws are a bit harder for me to find. But here is one thing I didn’t fancy: the relationship between Will and Ellen, her best friend. I saw Willowdean not only attached to Ellen but a bit possessive. Maybe I am wrong, but this is how I am seeing it.

An overall opinion for this read will be: I freaking loved it. And it is a totally recommend from me. I think will suit everyone, or at least you should give it a try. You might be surprised and like it as much as I did, and if you are a Dolly Parton fan, even better. So, give it a shot and you won’t regret it.


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