Little fires everywhere – book review

It was about time for me to step into the good world. To take the unimaginable decision and be a part of the elite. Said in other words, listen to an audiobook. And boy, I did a pretty good job picking “Little fires everywhere” by Celeste Ng. And I am also grateful that I am a blogger and not a vlogger because I have no idea how to pronounce her last name. Thousands of apologies.

Needless to say that I’ve chosen this book because of its rating and because everyone talked about it so much that I already knew half of it long before I bought it. But decided to give it a shot though and listen to it while I was doing my chores.


We are fed with a pretty interesting plot. From the first pages, we find out about a house on fire. We have no idea what happened, we do not know who this family is, and why one of their children is to blame. Then we rewind a bit, just to see what was like before the fire was set. We get to know the Richardson family and also Mia Warren.

Mia Warren is an artist, a wild spirit, who is changing the towns when the inspiration for her work is over. Pearl, her daughter, is used to this kind of life, but she is in need of settling down, or maybe just for a while. On the other side, we have the Richardson, a family who not only is it wealthy but settled. And in this family, there is a child, Izzy, who doesn’t want to fit into this “normal” kind of life. She is an explorer just like Mia.


Now, we do get to know every member of this story. But most of all, we get to know the good and the bad part as well. Their present and their past. This is one of the reasons why this book is amazing. The connections between these two families, their mistakes and their successes, their friends, all of these and many more. But we have gossip, those “little fires” that makes the whole town chose on which side they’re on. We will talk about racism, about adoptions, about the mistakes you make when you are a teenager as well as an adult. We do have a book set on fire.


When I was listening to it, I felt like I was gossiping while drinking coffee with a friend. Felt like I knew those people very well, but finding out new things about them, more like dirty things, was like a cherry on top. Those nasty details about their life, and how we all have to say something about every situation, and the way we try to think of how it would be like if we were in their place, made the book amazing. Every chapter gives you that feeling, the feeling of imagining what you’ll do in that position. And I like that.

I enjoyed every line of it. I liked it so much. I will buy the printed edition because it is something my library is in need. And I will surely recommend it. I do see now why the internet was overwhelmed by this book. It’s a beautiful read and an amazing experience.

I do wanna know if you are one of the victims of this book. Did you enjoy it as much or you have another opinion? Let me know what feelings you shared with “Little fires everywhere”.

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