The good girl – book review

Once in a while, you need a love-hate kind of book. That kind of read that gives you mixed feelings and reactions. This is how I met “The good girl” by Mary Kubica. And I have no idea how I feel about it. Even my rating is fluctuating.


Reviewing this book without giving any spoilers is so damn hard, but I will give my best. As you know, we have this girl named Mia, whose life will take a strange turn. More exactly she is being kidnapped by Colin. The plan was simple: Colin was hired by an awful man, to kidnap Mia and bring her to him. But Colin decided at the last moment (after he kidnapped her) that is was better to take her into the woods, to a lost cabin in Minnesota, instead of throwing her into the arms of a man who might have killed her. More like a plan B. And this is where the story really begins. Because now, not only Mia needs to stay hidden, but himself also. Afraid that his employer will find him and eventually kill him and Mia, with not so much money for food and supplies, with little to no knowledge of how much time should he keep her captive, and the possibility that the police will also knock on the cabin’s door, Colin and Mia are stuck.


And now the book will split in two. On one side, we have the relationship between Mia and Colin: the way they talk to each other, their action, their thoughts, and not least, the way they react to each day that pass. Keeping in mind that Colin is the kidnapper and Mia is the victim, that should be pretty interesting. But it’s all written from his point of view. We can only see what Mia is doing by letting him telling us that. On the other side, we have Mia’s mother, her father (a very influential judge), and Gabe (the detective). We do have the mother’s point of view, which is mixed in the past (when Mia was still captive) and present. The detective’s voice is also present in the book. But we do not have the father’s point of view and Mia’s sister (which was more or less absent from all of this).


So, it is written from 3 points of view, but we also have the past and the present. A bit overwhelming, I might say, and that is because I got used to it after reading almost half of the book. What will help you to get throw it, is the way that is written. Easy to read and a bit catchy. From chapter to chapter the story will change. The protagonists will make decisions that will lead to another turn of telling the facts. Everyone has a different way of how they see the events, the incident. And when you’ll get to the last 5 or so chapters, you’ll feel an easy rush from the author. The kind of rush that will give you the feeling that it was more than that to tell but no time to do so. But you will be surprised about the end. You’ll read the last chapter and think about it for hours after closing the book.


I told you it is a love-hate book for me and here is why: I do hate the way things were rushed in the end, but I loved how the story was finished. I hated because half of the book was so annoying and sometimes boring, but reaching the end of it was like a gasping for air, and I needed more and more each time. There were so many scenes between Mia and Colin which seemed so stupid and idiotic. But on the other hand, there was the bounding and the way they tried to make it not as much as a victim-kidnapper relationship. This is why I cannot decide if I love it or hate it. I cannot decide the proper rating because there are moments when I think it’s a totally 4 stars, but I also have moments when I’ll give it 2.75 stars. I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads and I hope it will stay that way.

So this book is a weird one for me, but what about you? Is it the same relationship as mine, do you have the same mixed feeling about it, or it was easier for you to rate it? Let me know what you think about it because it will be a big help for me to decide what I should do next.


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