According to YES – book review

There are some moments in our lives when we choose some books just because they seem so damn interesting. That catching title, that amazing cover, that tiny little detail that made us say: “I’m gonna buy this right now!”

Unfortunately, those choices are not so great every time. This is one of those cases when I was captivated by a title and then disappointed by the content. I present to you, Dawn French – According to YES, a book a wish I never read.


You must admit, that title is amazing. The story, however, not so much. It’s all about a nanny, from Great Britain, who ended up in a way too rigid family from the USA. She has no desire to respect the house rules and also she will say yes to every single opportunity in her life. And I was ok with that kind of attitude. She was an exceptional nanny, the kids loved her, she tried to change that closed and rigid mentality that the older members of the family had. Boy, you have no idea how fucked up this story will be in a minute.

Sleeping with the oldest member of the family (kids’ Grandpa) is one thing. But sleeping with all the men in that house is purely wrong. It’s ok to say yes to new adventures, but not like that… And the last but not least, being pregnant with one of them and not knowing for sure the right one. How much of a fiction can that be?


If it weren’t for the “sleeping with all the men in the house” part, I would actually like that book. It was ok to read about their secrets, about those strange relationships between the family members, those strict rules, and that rigid conduit. It was even ok with the first affair. But nooo, this book had to shock me. And that “funny” part of the book was never there. I did not laugh, I did not consider it funny. It is hard for me to say, but I regret so damn much that I bought it.

Will I recommend it? Hell no! If you ever want someone to be mad at you, just give them this book and tell them: according to yes, this is the best way to annoy someone. I won’t recommend it, I won’t read it ever again, and I am still thinking if I should try to read something else by Dawn French.


Have you read this book? And if so, what do you think about it? Let me know if you did read it or if you enjoyed something else from Dawn French. I would love to change my opinion about this author.


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