Elizabeth is missing

As I promised I came back with the review on one of the most beautiful reads I had in January. Emma Healey – Elizabeth is missing.

A contemporary mystery fiction that was written with passion. And although is a debut novel, I think is one of the best books of Emma, but unfortunately is underrated. Let me tell you about the story first.giphy2

We have Maud, an old lady, a grandmother, with an awful disease, dementia. Her brain remembers fractions, her memories are mostly lost, and all she can do is write notes on pieces of paper in order to help her out. This notes, unfortunately, aren’t very much of a help. Maud has a best friend, Elizabeth, and she hasn’t called or visited her for a while. This will make her a bit suspicious. Even though she knows she is not allowed to leave her house, Maud is sure that the only way she can find out what is happening to her best friend is by making her a visit.

While she is trying to find out what happened to Elizabeth, her memories about her childhood and her sister Sukie comes back. The same situation as now, her sister disappeared a long time ago and never been found. Fractions of what really happened back then are merged with the searching of Elizabeth nowadays. And all of this adventure is making us wonder if she is looking for her best friend or for her long-forgotten sister. giphy3

Filled with mystery, suspense, and funny remarks, this adventure make Maud live again the days she was a child, the awful feeling that her best friend might have the same end as her sister, and mostly, the disappointment of not being believed by anyone when she is telling them about the Elizabeth’s disappearance. How did this adventure end? Well, that is a thing you will have to find out by yourself. It will be rude of me to give you many more spoilers as I’ve already given. But I can tell you that I was so pissed that none of them believed in Maud, I was so angry that she was considered just an old lady with dementia, that I would’ve gone there and searched for her dear friend with as much passion and interest as Maud did.

This book indeed made me live the feelings Maud had. This lady touched my heart in a way that few characters could. Unfortunately, this book is also a drama. The ending is not as happy as it should’ve been, not as cheesy as you’d expect. But, is aging with dementia and losing your best friend and your sister, a happy ending? On the brighter side, this book will be loved by you. I want to think that Maud will also bring a smile on your face and she will be liked by your heart as well.


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