The ugly face of love

Aaaand I am about to ruin another heartbreaking-romance-true love book. Just for the record, I am not doing this on purpose. I just don’t think it is such a “make me cry my heart out” book. “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover made me count the pages to see how long will it take till the story will end.


As you already imagine, it is a love story between a woman and a damn hot man. So, nothing unusual here, if it is not her whom is hot, then for sure will be him. But heeey, that is not something intentional you’ll find in all the romance books… Yeah, right. Coming back to our circus, this handsome man has, of course, some problems which made him never want to love again. On the other hand, he is doing every single damn thing that a normal “in love person” will do. But he is maintaining his point of view that his black devilish heart feels nothing. And oh, how they are just two friends and nothing more. Oh, how he is so cruel…


But what was most annoying in this story was that I had to wait until the last chapter to read something interesting or at least something meaningful. Why? Well, it was like the other love stories I’ve read, nothing was uncommon, he is running after her eventually, because that happens in every new romance book as far as I can see, and that annoying/boring/stuffy kind of writing when it was from his point of view made me think of how much blank pages were wasted. I’m sorry… But that kind of paragraphs gives me bad shivers on my spine.

So, “Ugly Love” was not so catchy for me. Although I must say that I liked the cover. Simple, blue… pretty cute.



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