She is still here

From time to time I am wondering why I’m not like other people. I mean, why can’t I be just as emotional as others can, reading a book which supposed to be touching and sensitive, holding the napkins in one hand, wiping my tears away with every line I read? Although I do remember I was reading a book while holding a napkin in my hand, but that was because I was cold, and people around me thought the book I was reading was so intense that I couldn’t help myself.


Anyway, I was reading “I’m still here” by Clélie Avit and felt nothing. I almost felt bad because I was laughing at some point on different lines. Here’s what impressed the whole world but me not so much:

We have this young, beautiful girl who is in a coma because of an accident which happened on a mountain. Besides the fact she is unable to do a thing, she can still hear the people surrounding her. Then, we meet a man who comes to her room by mistake, while trying to look for a bit of peace and silence. Or maybe just a place where he can stay while his mother is visiting his brother in the same hospital. This man is going to her room to take a nap every single time. That amused me and made me think I am not such a bad person, after all.


I will try to make it as short as I can. Needless to say, he is falling in love with her (from my point of view it’s just a physical attraction), and she is tied to his voice, making this a mutual attraction. By the end of the book, her parents are giving up on every hope that she will ever wake up from that coma, but like a romance movie, in the last 2 minutes, he is running to her, yelling that she is still alive. Acting like a real lover, he is trying to demonstrate them that she is still there. And in one single page, she gave the best of her, making her brain work with her body, waking up and saying: I’m still here! The end.

I am kidding. That was not the end for me. Because so many questions bumped into my head: What if she doesn’t like him? What if he likes her just for her appearance and not for the way she is thinking? What if she realized he is not the awesome man she desired? And so on and on and on… I knew this would happen, but I wanted more than just a line. I wanted something to make my tears appear, to rip my heart away, make me shudder, things that would’ve made me say I got so emotional with this book. But no. Not today.



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