Is it really a season or…

This week we’ll be talking about the accident season. Looks like is happening once a year, towards the end of October, to only one family. But is this season for real or it’s just an excuse, the imagination of a teenager, or the perfect way to hide all the family’ secrets? The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle will initiate us into this.

What can a Halloween party, a family full of secrets, an unusual shared love, and a disappearance have in common? Accidents, broken bones, death, and most of all a teenager searching for more than the truth. I must admit that I was impressed by how this book twisted every chapter in such a way so that in the end you’re not realizing if it was indeed something real or was it all imagined, fantasied.


In my opinion, this book talks a lot about courage and how sometimes your imagination can help you outstrip the cruel reality. Why do I think this? Because of this 3 reasons:

  1. The mother is too ashamed to admit what happened in the past and she is afraid her children won’t be able to understand and protect themselves from all the danger surrounded, even the one caused by secrets;
  2. The younger sister is using her imagination to pass over the reality and not having the guts to admit she is in love with the same boy she raised with;
  3. The older sister denies everything that happens in such a way that she can feel secure, but her reality is even harsher than the fantasy she chose eventually to live in.

It’s kind of like a trip where the protagonists are creating secrets while revealing the older ones. Every accident has an explanation, every secret has a motive. And the new ones are just inevitable.

Overall the book is pretty nice. Caught my attention from the first pages and succeeded to keep it like that until the last line. It wasn’t like the other books I am used to, but it was distinctive, appealing.



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