The wake up call

Be careful what you wish for ’cause that is what you’ll get. And, I’ll be damn, but it got me so, so right. I must warn you, this won’t be just a usual review but a wake-up call for some of us. And all I ever wanted was for a book to devour, to get stick to it.

So, a few months ago, someone ordered 2 copies instead of one, of a book which made me smirk at its title, Taint – S.L. Jennings. It is rude not to accept books and this one made me curious because, besides its title, something else captured my attention: “sexual education for wives”. Come on, you need to admit it, that is somehow funny. Yeah, well you have no idea what this book can do to you.


First of all, I was expecting to read something boring, or at least something that might present you some stories, things to do or say, and nonsense chat. I was surprised because that is not what this book is about. Not even damn close. I see it as a warning, as a wake-up call, as that kind of book that you must read at least once in your life.

It has a story, but between the lines, you find some things that you are afraid to read, to know. I will skip the story, although you will like it when you read it, and talk about the other aspects shown there.

Let’s start with the weight. A true fact is written there, that we, women, love to eat all those tasty and delicious foods, but unfortunately the society has its standards and we are forcing ourselves to be accepted and fit there. That is one sacrifice we do, and not just for the society, but for men as well. You will try to say it’s not true, but deep down you know that.

pizza love

Besides other facts that you will never admit unless you are reading them, there is one more that blows your mind. As the first page says: “sexual education for wives”, you do realize there is something that needs your attention. No one says you are not a good wife, that you are not a good cooker, an amazing mom, a beautiful lady in your fancy clothes. You do look terrific next to your man and still, his attention is captured by some other women, younger or prettier, open minded or just different. You are an amazing wife, but not so much of a lover for him.

That is something you will say it is not true. But does he have all he needs to stay next to you? We are tired, we cook all day, clean the house, make ourselves pretty (or at least we try to reach that), we go to work, and so on. We are exhausted, day and night. And we are right to ask him to be the one making the next step, but unfortunately, we are not giving him a chance to get close to us. Not to mention we sometimes do not know what to do to make him realize what we really want.

sleep princess

Most of us live in a routine. A routine we all have knowledge of, but we do not have the right weapons to fight with. Or the impulse to do it. And here come the excuses: I am tired; I do all the job; He should do something from time to time; Why is it because of me and not him; etc. Because it is about us, women. It is somehow our fault that they don’t see us the way they did a long time ago. We got comfortable, way too much.

This is something we need to do, to get out of that zone, to make us realize that is not always his fault, but ours also. It’s not always about him, but us too. And most of all, that routine continues only because you let it. No one tells you it can’t be changed, so what stops you from taking control? Ladies, read this book, you will understand it even better. And gentlemen, some tender words won’t cost a penny, also for more ideas, you can read it too.



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