Not a comfortable couch

I really must do something about all these choices I make when I am about to buy books. Looks like I don’t take the right decisions all the time. But, you know, sometimes a rotten apple doesn’t have to ruin your whole day.

I present to you… Lying on the couch – Irvin Yalom. A book that has a beginning, a bit of action, and no end. Not even 2 lines on the last page that might make you imagine the end of this story. No damn end. But heeey, it’s ok… NOT.


So, as I was saying, this story about some therapists and the unusual patients they are trying to treat, leaves you without a clue about what will happen next, right in the middle of the action. You know why? Because the book has to end. I am not saying the book itself is not interesting, cause it is. I do not find it funny as much as others told me it will be. But overall the book lets you know about some of the therapists’ lives, about some of the unusual cases they are handling, shows you how far a therapy might go or how they are trying to be open minded when it comes to new patients. And also you might find some facts you will be surprised to read about a few of well-known therapists and their patients. I was so nervous to bump into some action, something that might tie me to those characters even more.

And as nervous as I was, I got irritated. Because all the action was in the last chapters, and when the most important part came, the book came to an end. I was standing on my chair, looking at the last page, turning it over, see it has no “to be continued”, came back to that page, reading it again, taking a sip of coffee, and starting acting as normal as I could, by putting the book where it belongs and let my soul cry for a moment because it hasn’t received any clue of what will be next.


It wasn’t the end that let you wonder, let you imagine… It was the kind of an end that makes me think the writer got bored or has another important thing to do so he decided to leave it like that. If I would have to rate this weirdness I would give it 2 stars out of 5 because it left me on the streets without an address, or a phone, or even a damn traces to follow.

I feel disappointed because I put so much hope in that writer. Too bad… a rotten apple got me this time.


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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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