About love and other demons

“Crazy people are not crazy if one accepts their reasoning.”

Well, hello hello! Za redhead is back in town and she has some new reviews to share with you. So, let’s get this party started!

There’s been a while since I’ve read about something that happened a long time ago. Different people and tradition, a strange place from a different era, and long story short, a new world. And so I decided I should try to read something from Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Not being the romantic kind of reader I thought I would make a good choice of reading: Of love and other demons. I must admit the word “demons” attracted me the most.

I won’t go through all those nasty stuff about the cover, the chapters arrangement, the lines, and so on. I will pass it this time. But the story, however… well, that is a different thing.


We are in an eighteen-century South American seaport. Hell yeah, we’re back in time. And a beautiful young girl is in the middle of attention. Now, let me get you to the point where this story made me say: neah, nope, no. Raised by the slaves, this young lady was fluent in many African languages and she was a free spirit. Long story short, she was bitten by a rabid dog and, although she didn’t have any signs of rabies, she is subject to many “healing methods”, more like torture. Having the facts like that, she is sent to the convent to receive an exorcism. Pretty nice, huh?

Guess what happens next? Well, there is this man, who is supposed to do his job and take the demons out of her. But instead of doing that, he is falling in love with her. Inappropriate age, place, religion. But what kept them together was poetry. Soooo, he was triple her age, he is a priest and she is possessed, he is sneaking in every night just to quote poetry to her, smell her skin and hair, keep her in his arms. I will gladly accept this situation if she wasn’t so damn young. Ok, I get it, old times and different beliefs, but why?! It took me 2 days to get over those pages where they first fell in love. Neah, nope, no! After that, my stubbornness pushed me to finish that damned book. So I did.


I won’t say much about the ending, although I must tell you that she died of love. He couldn’t get to her on time and her… well, she received the exorcism. The story itself intrigued me at the beginning but succeeded in changing my mind so fast. I appreciated those details, though, and the way he described some situations. But that was like a quarter of the book. The rest of it left me indifferent and at some point bothered.

While I was reading page after page, I started to wonder why was I so impressed about Gabriel G.M., I mean, those beautiful and amazing quotes I found, where are they? I still have moments when I think that is not his fault that I didn’t like this book, and maybe I should’ve chosen another story of his. Maybe Love in the Time of Cholera? Anyhow, this wasn’t for me, I didn’t fancy it so much, and honestly, I kind of wished to finish it faster. But if you have any suggestion that might change my mind about this book or author, I will be more than happy to hear it. See you next time! ☺


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