How many twists can he give us?

A while ago, I bought a book just because I liked its title and somehow that short description also. I know, I always said that is important not to judge a book by its cover, but I’ll be damned, this title made my curiosity go wild. Peter Swanson – The kind worth killing for. My expectations weren’t so high and I knew I would read a book with mystery, crimes, suspense, and maybe, but maybe, some thriller too. Again, I decided not to read any review, but I was curious though and I’ve searched for quotes, quotes that will push me to read that book even earlier. What I found was a complete disappointment to me. But even so, I had to read it.

The book is easy to read, easy to follow, although every chapter is written from another character’s point of view. At the very start, we have 2 characters, Ted and Lily. Ted is a middle-aged man, cheated on by his wife, who is looking for revenge, and perhaps, why not, murder her. Lily, a young woman, supports and encourage him to eventually murder his wife, of course, having a good plan in advance. The relationship between these two is getting to a point where you are wondering what will happen if, after his wife dies, they will decide to be together. When I was in the middle of this book, when the plan was working so well, I knew they eventually murder his wife and even the lover. But guess what? Ted… dies.giphy

How could the writer do that to me? How could he change the story just when it was so obvious of what will happen next?! I was angry that night so I went to sleep. Next day, I tried to keep calm and read how the story will go on now. So, I knew Lily was a “serial killer”, but this time, Miranda (Ted’s wife), has a point of view in this book. So we meet the widow, talk to her, and find out that the same plan was in her mind also, that she wanted to kill her husband. Ok, I can get used with this story too. Lily wants to kill Miranda, fine by me. And here the book gets another turn. I already hated that I was so captivated by it and even it had so many twists I couldn’t give up reading it. Every single time I was convinced of what will happen next, the writer changed the course. That is evil. I found the writer more evil than the story itself.

But in the last 10 pages, after all the drama was gone, after the “not so bad, but also evil” character settled, I was ready to end the story and give it a good rest. But no, the maleficent writer has other plans with your brain. I was imagining Peter Swanson, writing this book, and when he reached the last 20 lines, he said: “Eh, let’s make another turn.”


He messed with my mind, he destroyed every ending I’ve prepared, he just twisted so much this book, that I actually liked it. I hated that I liked it so much. The story itself was good, even if it has so many twists, this book is still easy to read, easy to follow every character. It does have suspense, especially from the writer, it has crimes, it has mystery, but I am not so sure about the thriller part. I only found it in one chapter, one scene, about 4 lines.

Do I recommend it? You bet I am! It’s an amazing book, it has flaws, but, damn, those twists… Well done, Peter Swanson!


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