How not to be a fashion girl

This is a post about how not to be that fashion girl who is always on trend with what is new, and what you should wear in every season. Now for real, why can’t you be a simple girl, who dresses as she likes, ignoring those fashion critics with their “so last season” replies? Who stops you?

I, for example, like to keep things as simple as I can and as comfortable as I want to. Here are few of the things I am keeping in mind when it comes to fashion:

  • I do not want to look the same as the others: the biggest problem is when you like a piece of clothes, and realize another 50 people are wearing the same thing the moment you go out the door. Well, that is painful. It’s awful to see the same pattern 3 times a day, on different persons. It is painful to see that all of them followed the same rule when they accessorized it. You know why? Because that is the trend.
  • xclktjvkvd9auI hate clothes which look like they were worn many times before. I once saw a group of people, same age as mine, and they all were in the “grunge” style. They all looked like they were homeless people. And I think that was the moment I realized that grunge style is not just harsh seeing it, but it’s also painfully when you pay for it. In order to look like a “homeless person – grunge style” you will have to pay a lot.
  • Black makes you slimmer and white makes you thinner: you don’t say?! There is nothing like that unless you have some eye problems. Depends on so much more than just a color. I wear black and white, and guess what?! I look the same in both cases. Once again, fashion is not as accurate as others want to believe.
  • “Omg that is such a terrible mistake”: and I am glad I did it. Let me be the bad example of what you should or should not wear, while you choose to dress like you are coming from a trash bin, but it’s damn fashion. If you don’t like it or you cannot 2ab44384faec4ab9bf3cf56d005f950dwear it, then why would you say is a mistake? But that is none of your business.
  • I have a passion for not looking like I was chased, possessed, and lost in the forest for the last 15 years. I mean, it’s not that hard to check yourself in the mirror before you leave the house. And no, is not about showing your boobs or butt, or whatever you think you should show. It’s about looking pleasant at least. Is about showing that you really care about your image.

I, indeed, wasn’t made to take pieces of advice from fashion trends, but I think I will follow just one. If by any chance, someday will come back the “big brain, high level of intelligence, and so damn good sarcasm” trend to life again, I will be the happiest woman in the world. Stop ruining your clothes and image, and wear something you like and really enjoy. You are as beautiful as you want to be. Cheers to those who are a bad example of fashion trends!


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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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