Marriage proposals and holidays

I think, just because I am not a romantic kind of person, I am missing the point for some of the actions people do. For example a marriage proposal. Since Christmas, my news feed was overwhelmed with proposals, pictures of wedding rings, pictures of holding hands and the long-awaited ring, and so on. I am seeing this from 2 different points of view:

1. This is a sign I need to get married as soon as possible. My time as a lunatic savage is over, I need to get married, have kids, and so on. Maybe a sign from up above?!
2. There is clearly something wrong with me when it comes to the original proposals, or there is something wrong with them.
6bda6267d6e11a169b1939a6291b0ab7I like to keep things simple. And from my point of view, holidays should remain holidays, and a marriage proposal should be made as original as you can. Why would you choose to ask her on Christmas or New Year Eve? Can’t you be a lil bit authentical and choose another day, just so you won’t be as the rest of the men who are clearly out of ideas? If you’ll do it on an ordinary day, that proposal will be remembered much easier, and the impact will be much more powerful. She will remember Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter, St Valentine’s Day, but why not the day she was proposed? This way she will not see that proposal as a “last minute” gift, cause the shops were all closed, or as a “not so originally” chosen moment. Or even worse, if you guys will break up how that holiday, when the proposed was made, will look? Ugly as hell.
You can ask her when she is coming home from work. Want to make the impact even more intense? Do a lil cleaning around the house, put something on the table, and wait for her to come home. She will love it.
Ask her in the morning when she is grumpy cause the coffee didn’t yet kick in. Make her morning even better by telling her that she is beautiful with her messy hair and that smirk on her face, make her the coffee, and ask her.
Ask her when you are having a road trip. In the middle of nowhere if you want. You will be just the two of you, enjoying the moment as you should. No special occasion except the proposal and the fact you are both together.
Ask her in the middle of the night, when you are taking a walk in the park, while you are cooking together, having a nap, on a plane, after sex, after/before dinner, on a Monday ihp4flnnt8nlimorning or a Sunday night, high on the mountain, there are way too many options than a formally ask, on a holiday. Do it while you are playing video games. Hold on… that is my kind of romanticism. Hmm, yeah, you can do that too. But at least you won’t be like one million men who are asking their lovers on a big holiday, cause they have no idea of how to do it otherwise. And let’s face it is easier that way.
Do you want her to remember the date and be sincere when she replies? Then do it with no occasion but the proposal itself. Do you know, that most of the public proposal are accepted just because there are way too many people who are watching and in order to not stir the terrible pot of shame and humiliation they are saying yes? Well, it is the truth… sorry but it is. Be sincere and be original. That way you will see if she is really accepting it because she loves you indeed or she is accepting just for telling you few days after, that marrying you is not in her future’s plan. Did that ring a bell? Hope so. Until next time, think twice of the day you want to propose to her.

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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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