Perfect life or perfect lies

“When I look at him I feel dismayed as I always do at how normal he looks, because surely there should be something–pointed ears or a pair of horns–to warn people of his evilness.” – Behind closed doors, B.A. Paris

Oh my… what a book to read. At the end of last year, I voted for an Award on Goodreads. In those lists, I found some interesting books which I added them in my “to read” area. Undecided which one I should read next, I blind chose “Behind closed doors” – B.A. Paris, and I must say it was damn amazing.

3ohffpznso2emzzvroIt was the kind of book which kept me in a suspense that I forgot a book can be capable of. Although I wasn’t so sure about it and I was a little suspicious of how good could it be, all my doubts disappeared from the first pages.

We have the ideal family, a loving husband, an amazing wife, both living in a perfect house. The loving husband is the best lawyer and never lost a case in his whole career. Good looking, rich, successful. The amazing wife gave up on her job and dedicated her time and love to him. His generosity reached the top of it when he promised her, as soon as her sister will finish the school she will move in with them. But that is not what kept my eyes glued to its pages. The fact that everything, even the smallest detail, was impeccable, way too perfect, that made me wonder.

How could she follow his every decision without saying no and even more, she was afraid 34f4a8ed499d577355c6207ab4a268bcshe will fail. She was afraid to say something not to bother him, afraid he will get upset, and he will punish her. He kept her in the ideal house, but little do other knew that she has access just to a single room. A dark, cold, empty room. Hidden from everything. She was being kept captive and unable to escape. Many attempts to do it, but her sister (her really true love) was the one who suffered for every breakout.

I will not tell you everything that is happening in this book. I want you to be as captivated as I was. I am gonna say just a few more words. How would you handle it if your life partner is a psychopath, satisfied only by seeing and smelling the fear in others? Here is the catchy thing: what the outside world will see, is the perfect family and the most alluring love story ever. The only escape you will be capable of is the one in your dreams, your thoughts.



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