It could’ve been better

I’m returning with a review on a book, which made me wait for it almost a month. You know those commercials that are better than the product itself? Eh, this is one of those cases. An amazing promotion, but unfortunately the book is not that good.
Although is written as a frame story, it was really difficult for me to finish it. I gave up twice, I came back, I’ve started another book in parallel, I was stubborn and decided to read at least one chapter every night, drank many coffees, and finally, I succeeded in finishing it. Huge happiness when I was done. I felt like I passed an exam and now I can sleep in peace. From 300 pages, the last chapter, almost 10 pages, was the funniest.
Every chapter is interrupted by a small story. If I would have to put all in the balance, those stories would value more than what is written beside them. If the book would’ve been made only by those stories, I could’ve said it was a good book, which would worth waiting for a month.
What is the book about? Good question. This is what I was asking myself every time I was trying to read it. Let’s say they are small parts of his life, the author’s life. Parts which are not connected to each other, or if they are, is like you would’ve mixed water with oil. They have no match. And Elena is giving the pages back, reads again, comes back to where she was, to realize is not her fault but the way the book is written. Have I understood anything from the book? No. Well, maybe the last chapter, being the only one who made itself remarked.
Among some opinions about the book, someone said is the kind of book which you will want to read twice or third time. I couldn’t agree more, just because you will not understand it by the first time. Maybe second time you will be lucky to catch something.
I will recommend just half of the book, the part with the stories. The rest of it, I wasn’t so thrilled about, and not sure I will be soon. Congrats on the promotion, however.

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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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