Who are you?

Many times I was in the situation of talking about myself. Every time I had to fill an “about me” case, I felt weird and didn’t know where to start it or how many details to give. I don’t panic in the way of answering with onomatopoeia like ah, hmm, sighs, etc, and I’ve succeeded, as every time I hit on a situation, to manage it, and find a middle way. I could say I am proud of the fact that I’m this old and my mouth can speak much more than a nonsense chit chat. Today’s post will say 5 things about me. Let the confession begin!1. I am a two-faced person. I have a face which is known by everyone, hope to be a pleasant one and not harmful in a way or another, and the second one is shown when I am way too pissed off and irritated. It is indeed very rare and known by few. But at least I admit that I am a two-faced person and I am not hiding behind a frail young lady who is loved by everyone. I’m like a devil for some.

2. Few complexes, but they are. I will surely not write 15 posts, with and about my complexes, I don’t see the point in that. We all have those things, but the way of solving them is not by displaying them in front of the whole world. Neither is a good sign to try pushing on others throat your bothers about your body or personality. Is like pulling the cat’s tail and then start yelling because you have no idea why the cat bit you. A little logic over here?

3. I am a very cold hearted person. Many say I am cruel and raw, sometimes I agree with them. I have knowledge of that. But I never dared to change by the wind or by the new trend, and as I am, like an ice cube, I still had enough heart to fall in love. I have feelings, well hidden in a coffer, but I have them. And yes, there is a he. A handsome one ;).

4. I do not like to underestimate myself in front of others, most of all for dragging attention. I think is the most embarrassing thing you can ever do. I am not perfect, but I do know my potential, and I know what I am capable of. And if I will ever feel the need of a compliment, I prefer to work for it, and not saying I am good for nothing. It is sometimes enough a talk with my inner and I am reaching by myself to a conclusion. I can find a lot of arguments, difficult is to sort them.
5. I am a “way too frank” kind of person. This is killing me also. But I am so because I don’t like to contradict myself and neither to tangle in my own words. I do not want to be a follower of cynicism. And if something was bothering me, then I said it.
One last thing would be to add, the fact that I hate hypocrisy. A marathon for likes and compliments just for ego’s satisfaction. If some are appeased with that, it’s ok. Me instead, I am grateful I have a job which gives me the luxury of not living on another’s money, a relationship with a man I admire, professional and personal plans for the future, and the list goes on. This is me. Who are you?

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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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