Guess who is back in town?

“We remain unwritten through history
no x will mark us on the map
but in books of prose and poetry
you loved me once in a paragraph.”
Lang Leav

Oh yeees… I am back! Although the illness hit me just like my neighbor would’ve beaten the carpets, I worked hard, went on a small vacation to mountains, I finally received the long-awaited book, drank coffee for the whole city, and many others. In conclusion, you haven’t gotten rid of me ☺. The time I was gone I’ve noticed a lot of changes over here and I want to thank you for those. The fact that you read all my weirdnesses and like them means a lot to me. I can’t wait for the day I will tell my kids that long time ago there were persons who understood my words without screaming them 3 times and draw them diagrams and equations on the kitchen’s wall. But passing this small detail, I am really thanking you and I am glad you are taking a look over here from time to time.
As you already know, once again we have a small review about a book which I am hoping you guys will find it. Lullabies – Lang Leav. I’ve mentioned at some point that I am not enjoying romantic literature, which would’ve made me give up on reading this book. But I have a weakness for poetry and free verse. Another exception made, a decision which I am not regretting it and yes, I am well impressed. I liked it. It has 16515-e6fb36c0aed3a3a8eb2ccb617a8337d6a small innocence, uses simple words, but with a strong impact, sweet in its expression, but not so juicy as romance books. I felt like I was reading a teenage girl’s journal, who goes from a mood to another, from happiness to sadness, from today’s regret to the promise and hope of tomorrow. Beside those little poems, we’ll find prose also, not really for my taste, but not bad at all. Intrigued, I might say. I am not going to recommend you only this book, but all the books from Lang Leav. They are cute and fits anyone.
As everything came back to normal, I am the only exception, see you next week. Or maybe sooner ☺.


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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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