Reading doesn’t make you sexy

“The things I find most beautiful about a person are almost never physical.” – Unknown
For a while I am hitting myself by an expression which stays in my throat: reading is sexy! I am agreeing with this expression in a proportion of 20% and that with indulgence and heavy hearted. How can you say that reading is sexy? It can be sexy if you are in your satin or lace underwear, with a book in one hand, the other hand holding a glass of white or red wine (as you like), ambient music (in the background so you won’t disturb the neighbours), and a light came from a ’80 floor lamp. Eh, yes to this. That is, indeed, a very sexy image. (Here is 10%.)

But reading itself isn’t sexy. And if that was chosen to promote reading among youth, then I can say it’s the worst seen commercial ever. I was tired of seeing how all bought those giant glasses with black frame (’cause that was trendy last year), now, latest, I see how they all post a selfie with a book found in their parent’s bookcase. And if you’re gonna ask them details, they have no idea. But… reading is sexy.

No. Reading is not sexy. Reading makes you smarter but doesn’t make you sexy. Makes you intelligent and enriches your vocabulary, which means you can say more than “yep” and “lol”. Reading tests your imagination and makes you think of much more than what selfie you will post tomorrow. Reading offers you anything else but doesn’t give you the “sexy” image. And if you want me to talk in your “cool” terms, then find out that reading excites your brain and this can be, indeed, damn sexy. (Here’s the rest of 10%.)
Why was chosen this expression? From my point of view, it should’ve said something like reading takes the stupidity out of you. And I strongly believe that this could’ve worked much better than the idea that it makes you look sexy because is misleading many young people.9b7dd-10bc865bbafac9eb9918e3274553c2dd
That “sexy” does nothing but bring in more selfies with them, holding a book in their hands just like an expo (typically on girls the neckline must be put in front as much as they can) and that’s pretty much all. But what I’ve observed is that they plant a quote taken from the internet in every picture, about suffering or about life, because that is the trend. Without the author. They do not know him and will be too complicated if they will look for him. A simple google search for stats and you will find there everything you want and the quote which has the author mentioned is not the right one in most of the cases.
My dears, reading takes the stupidity out of you, doesn’t make you sexier but makes you intelligent. Reading takes you out from that wrong stats copied from the Internet and leads you to something better. Reading frees you from that daily labor of gathering likes for your pictures and heading you towards people who likes you in everyday life. You are not sexy with a book in your hand, sorry for disappointing you. Reading, instead, can raise your IQ and makes you see these things much easier.

So, young lady/man, try to change your attitude towards reading. If you are considering that you are loosing your time reading a book, then please, from the bottom of my heart, do not contaminate the books with your selfies.


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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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