Do not refuse a book because of its cover

I think my tastes when it comes to books are so different and multiple that sometimes it’s not hard, but very hard to decide what book I want to read next. So, many times I am guided by the aspect of the book (title, cover, description from the back), the book’s author, and last but not least by small fragments from the book. This is the way I got to read books which never crossed my mind, others who had nothing to do with what they wanted to be, and some of them who knew to introduce themselves so good that made me stay focused only by looking at the cover.
A few days ago, my mother gave me a book from a magazine. It’s rude to refuse it, but I had no desire to read it. Rich woman – Kim Kiyosaki. Having as a subtitle “investment guide”, it was clearly to me that I will not be faithful to it either impatient to read it.

The first pages went easily until I got to the part where she was at lunch with her friends. It’s for the first time when I was given to see that a book which has a target financial independence and investments brings a new approach in relating the facts. I had no longer looked at it as a guide.
I do not have any interest in this world. Maybe it’ll look strange, but I belong to that category of people who love their place of work, I am going full-hearted at work, I love what I do, and most of all, I love the way I developed myself since I am working with those amazing people. But I’ve read the book till the end for other reasons. I’ve found in it some “rules” which not only investment’s women should follow them, but other women too and not only. It was a pleasure to read it and I totally recommend it.
Until next time, I will leave you with 3 quotes that caught my attention:
“Words are powerful instruments. Handle them and your understanding level of new information will grow in a spectacular way.”
“If fear can prevent us from potential vital danger, it can also be lethal – kills our dreams, chances, personal development and passion, prevent us from living our life at maximum.”
“Taking care of you” doesn’t mean to award yourself with a new pair of shoes or spending beyond measure on a trip to Tahiti. It actually means to take care of your financial future.”


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