Here we go again…

From the series of “what books is Elena reading”, I am finding myself at a point where I wished from the bottom of my heart to bring to you something beautiful, but unfortunately, I will bring you a splendid critic. I had in plan for a while to read “Suck it, Ramona”. I know, replies like this will come: why? Didn’t you find anything else? don’t make a stupidity like that! etc. Looks like my ambition and curiosity pushed me to do something like this. A huge mistake.

A book written with the toes, with a humor taste nonexistent or such salty that cuts your lust for laughing, a shade of eroticism taken in silliness and not so easy to read or understand. The type of book I will not recommend it under any circumstances.  “Suck it, author.” A single line captured my attention and that will be: “I do not know if you ever hated someone so much, that you would feel you cannot breathe without that person.” This line flowed on my soul just like honey. I have some persons in my life which I love them so much, that I hate them for that. But hey, each with his deficiencies. If you have good nicelytaste in books, avoid this one. If you really want to risk and ruin your mood, go for it.
Also, today I am telling a big “Happy Marine day!” to my father. Happy navy day daddy! Love yaaaa! My dear father, of Marine day, I am wishing you a “Happy navy day”, chicken barbecue (he’s on a diet, he is not allowed something else), lure the best, and may the wind come from the aft.
Now, if my father is a sailor, that doesn’t mean I am a professional swimmer or that I love spending every day of my life at the beach. No way! I am swimming a little bit better than a rock which is going successfully to the bottom of the water, and the beach I love it only once a year and then, needed and forced by the circumstances.
Once again, I am telling you “Happy Marines day!”


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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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