Because we know what you want

Ta-daaa, I am back! With an article about gifts. More exactly, gifts men desire, but won’t tell us. I came across this “wonderful” list on Fb (I think it’s the only place where I could’ve found it), and I couldn’t help myself but read it and share it with you. Could I? So, let’s see “Top 10 gifts men want”:
1. A game that throws pies in your face – Really?! It’s about a game like a catapult, where you’re getting your face in and then you’ll spin the crank. If you are lucky, the pie won’t hit you. If your guardian angel left you that day, you’re kind of screwed.
2. A pistol that throws money – We are still talking about men? I am getting hard to believe that a man would want something like this. It’s all fun until you have to grab the money from where you spread them, and guess who is gonna do that?
3. Suit silk pajamas – And here I’ll pass! I don’t remember knowing someone who would desire one. Hell no! But, in case you don’t want to be unprepared in the middle of the night, for a wedding, christening/baptism, or others, buy one of those. It’s a must have!
4. A glass with a special ice spot, so it won’t dilute your drink – Ehhh, this is something else. This one yes, totally worth it. No one likes the drink diluted with water. A six pack of glasses for the lady too, please!

5. A door that transforms into a ping-pong table – I am not sure how to wrap one of those, but I definitely want one. I would even rent it to the neighbors, extra money, you know.
6. A cap which transforms bed hair in brushed & ready hair – A little impossible (only a lil), but come on, let’s be serious, who wouldn’t like it? Goodbye, brush, I am buying a cap!
7. Robot slippers with sounds on every step made – Yes! I want! I don’t care if they are for men, I want them. “If you do not want me, I want you!”
8. Beer pong glasses – Why? Why would I put disposal glasses into disposal glasses? We are making castles and palaces, or we are playing beer pong?
9. Drone – Here I have nothing to say. Yes, it will be an amazing gift for them. With this, I agree!
10. A necktie that holds a beer can – hahaha, oh yeaaah. But no. John in a meeting, gets a little thirsty, twist his necktie, take a swig, continues the meeting. Although it will be a good idea to take it to the cinema… hmmm…
This would be the gift list (as someone says in the article). What can I say, I laughed, I joked about it, I was blown up. You can not pass over this kind of articles and not say a thing about them, a little bit at least, so you can release yourself. Eh, this wickedness…
My dears, if absurdly, one of the mentioned gifts, awakens your interest, let me know. Maybe this year I won’t buy socks and shirts. Kidding. This year I think I will give as gifts Tetris and Tamagotchi games.

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