Proof it is possible

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”


Love books, romances in general, never awaken my interest, and I am avoiding them as much as I can. The same story where she is way too in love, and he is undecided and starry-eyed. Love blah blah blahs, way too juicy for me, and here they are finally together, thing anticipated from the first 10 pages. Maybe when I will be old, surrounded by 20 cats, with curlers in my hair, and a neon green nightdress, I will read this kind of books, while my coffee is boiling. Until then I will refuse it will all my pleasure. Romance is not for reading but for living it! A few days ago I stumbled upon a Fb page, pretty intriguing, which promoted a book.

Nothing weird for now, but everybody was like “wow, an amazing book”. I stand, I thought about it, twisted myself in every way, and finally, I said I have to risk it. If I will run into a love story, I will pass it without thinking. Obviously, I bought two more books besides the one wanted (their prices were low ☺), and for 2 days I avoided watching posts about the book, for no other reason, but feeling on my own the risk. The diary of Adam – Bogdan Marcu.
When the book came, I was so nervous, just like I would try for the first time bungee-jumping. I turned it on every part, studied the cover, the writing, page framing, practically I was looking for something censorious. Finally, I’ve read the first page, the second, third, until I was with my coffee cup empty, and they thought I went missing from work.
It’s not a love story with chocolate syrup on top, no sugary things, but learned lessons and courage by admitting the mistakes made. It is not the kind of book which will give you pieces of advice, a list of stupidities which you’ll have to do in order to live a happy life or other stuff like that. Will tell you what will happen if you are taking some decisions without thinking about the situation too much, it will show you what it means to desire crazy womanthat “something” only with half of soul, it will show you the woman in almost every form, and the man will be honest in what he is thinking and doing (pretty rare, but looks likeit can happen). It was almost impossible for me not to find myself in this book. It made me a part of it. Made me change completely my original opinion about it.
What makes it special? Words’ simplicity, the fact that it shows you where you’re wrong and where you’re right, the fact that it opens your eyes and mind about some nothings which means more than you could ever think.
I was so determined to make a “not so nice” critic, but looks like I have no reason for that (well, maybe on that “cheating the person you love” part, I will have something to say nastier). Yes, he’s talking about love, but not in that annoying way, alike that neighbor who is always out of sugar, and comes only at you. He’s talking about passion and desire, in the rawest and sincere way, with good and bad. I liked this. This made me say: “Look, there are still brainy people.”There are still persons who decide not to sweeten the words just for the world’s desire, persons who are looking at woman’s mind (not only at her butt and breast), and romance is more in facts and gestures, and after that, in words. I am happy I risked it. I am happy I’ve read you.


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