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This week I was a little lazy on the reading part. My work schedule, some situations distracted my attention and a little of the summer laziness kind of said its word. But, I still found something to read, here and there.
Buuuut, I am happy ☺! A few days ago, my ordered dog tags came. It might be the only accessory (except my watch – I feel naked if I forget it at home) which makes me feel accomplished, makes me feel like truly me. I am not the kind who wears a delicate, cute and feminine necklace, so I chose to wear something that fits me. But neither I chose to go with the classic method, engraving my identity data, so I’ve engraved a Latin quote, with an amazing story and a powerful message: “Omnia mea mecum porto” – Everything I have, I carry with me.
The first time I heard this quote, I was almost 14 years old. For someone so young, a quote like that should pass unnoticed. But it captured me.
This quote followed me for years, either I found it, either it found me. So I decided to stop this blind belief in those 4 words and discover the real sense of them. Here is what I found: One of Greece’s 7 sages, the philosopher Bias, has been asked by his fellow citizens (who were evacuating the stronghold, which was invaded by the Persians), why he is leaving without taking anything with him. And his answer was a very simple one: all that is mine, I am carrying with me. More precious than material wealth is the spiritual wealth. Experience gathered over years, culture, mental capacity, intellectual.

Here is the real motive of why those words obsessed me, here is why I believed in them. I admit, I have a weakness for the human intellect, don’t judge me. I am pretty sure you have a quote, a motto, of which you are guiding in life (and honestly, I would like to know it, I am a curious person).

My dear, my darling, everything you have more valuable is your mind. Not your phone of hundreds of euros, not your branded clothes, or your gold necklace. Think logically. If tomorrow you will lose everything you have (materially speaking), can you take it from the beginning? Can you stand up again? Value the education, learn how to manage anytime, anyhow. Teach yourself to be independent!


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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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