Beer, pizza and high heels

And it comes that book, which changes all your plans, which knocks down your mind, makes a porridge out of your neurons, and later you discover that the last chapter does not end the story, but lets you make your own final. I hate that I love this kind of books. But let’s get back in time a little. I will introduce myself again, as I should’ve done a long time ago.
My name is Elena (Helen), I have 25 years old, and I am indeed, addicted to coffee and words. I am, what other calls, a woman with two faces. The first one appeared is the lady one. I adore high heels (even my sneakers are with high heels), red lipstick (no exception), my nails manicured and took care of, subtle and delicate make-up (I use foundation once in 2 or 3 months), tidy hair (no extra hair spray, or over styled), and the attitude related to this appearing.The second face, almost the opposite, is an addition to the first one. I drink my coffee in the morning, reading or listening to the news, while I put my make-up on and smoke my cigar. I love war games or the oldest one which marked my childhood. I drink beer and watch the match exactly as you guys are doing, except that I am not eating sunflower seeds, I like pizza. I am swearing worse than a sailor, but I have the needed diplomacy of knowing when and how to say the swearing, in such a way that I will not look as someone who is not I. I am sarcastic and ironic.
This is me and no, I will not change myself. I am not a “hater”, nor a girl who post a selfie every day so the people will not forget how she looks, I will not beg for likes or comments (as is practicing these days), I will not say I am a woman I am not (speaking of girls who say they are ugly/stupid/etc.). Yes, I am the chick who works in an office, with tattoos, with “bad jokes”, with the ever present coffee on her desk and book in her purse. Yes, I am the chick who swears a lot, which has a shelf in her fridge, especially for beer, the girl who has a passion for writing and books, the one who will go to the shop late at night, in her pajamas, because she has no more cigars. Yes, dear, I am that one.
Why have I told you that? This week’s book, marked me, dejected me, and still pushed me to accept myself once again as the way I am. Although nothing connects me with this book, there are those moments when we are all thinking of: How would it be if I was a woman/man? But my advice is to be a little bit of both. Even if I am wearing a dress, I am not embarrassed to change a light bulb.
Annabel – Kathleen Winter. A book for the open minded ones. A book which will leave you a bitter taste, but at the same time will give you the freedom feeling. Accept yourself as you are, live as you want. I will remain the delicate and cute woman, with ripped jeans, Jack Daniel’s T-shirt and operetta in my earphones.

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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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