Basmele verii – Summer’s fairy tales

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells” – Dr. Seuss
Here we are, in the most beautiful season of the year, when you want to stay all day in a vegetation mood when the ice seems hot, and you are starting the negotiations for changing the shoes with flip-flops and the clothes with a sheet. In this lovely period, I had to make some commissions and I chose to take a walk since it’s hot and beautiful, wonderful. Besides the fact that I looked like a dog with its tongue outside because of the high heat, I’ve seen “some laadies” idly leaping their way, at 2 pm in the afternoon, in the same way to the bank I was going to. I couldn’t help noticing those tiny clothes, with 2 or 3 sizes smaller, which urged the body’s lifebuoys to go as much out the surface. It came in my mind a FB status, namely: dress for the body you have and not for the one you want or dream on. But, that’s it, I finally understood that the washer has its fault and shrinks the clothes, especially in the summer. With this occasion, I must announce you that I am Romanian 100%. I’ve made my first bank loan, so I am a grown up now. Happy me… not.
Maybe you are asking yourselves why I didn’t choose to take the bus. Well, it’s simple. The first bus, which passed me was looking like a can full of sardines. Delicious, when I am thinking about how many people forgot about the soap in the morning, and God forbid! to open a window cause the grannies will start a revolt. So I decide to walk, and on my halfway, another bus passed and it was half empty. Look how lucky I can be.
This week I’ve decided to change the things a little bit, and give you to listen to two songs with which I’ve desperate my neighbors. A real success since they are killing me by listening to the same song to maximum, every day. And if they are not gonna stop it, I promise I will use a hammer drill for the purpose of disruption my dear and sweet neighbors’ peace.
LP – Lost On You |Live Session| – yes, the live version is 10 times better, from my point, than the radio one, and Kaleo – Way Down We Go -I know, it’s from last year, but it’s wonderful and I guarantee it works this year also. Eh, I will not be mean and I will tell you about a book which defies a little bit the humor, but still, for the ones who want to be amused when we are talking about reasons for the most fiercely fight and crimes did without a specific purpose, this book will make you laugh: Max Aub – Exemplary crimes.

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