Soft kitty, warm kitty…

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” – Franklin P.
And here I am again ☺! A little bit more and I will appear just like the banners from the news: Flash News! Anyway, today I decided to talk to you about something more cute and beautiful (besides my last post which was a little too mean, but correctly from my point of view) and that will be Tasha.
Tasha is the member of my family, a 2 months old kitten, Imperial Dumpster breed. A lovely young lady, with an attitude that exceeds mine. I can say that in the last month I learned much more about how it’s like to be a mother than if I had children. Here is why:
* We all know that technology is monopolizing our life and we have to keep it under control as much as possible in order to not cause any damage to our health and social life. Tasha chewed the phone’s charger. Problem solved.
* All over the place we are hearing and reading that early morning awakening gave us a lot of benefits. Tasha wakes me up every day at 4 am or 5 am.
* It’s good to be more active and do sport. Tasha has a fixed running schedule. In the middle of the night. The more noise, the better.
* Perseverance is the mother of learning. Tasha can not find any of the dozens of toys she has but she can find every single piece of milk grain of the hundreds of grains from her bowl.
* It’s important to share. Bathroom, bedroom, everything you are drinking, everything you are eating, snacks, hands, especially your toes (those are good for chewing), Tasha finds options everywhere.
* Renovating is like fresh air. Tasha threw all the things from the desk, from the nightstands, from the bookcase, and so on. Problem solved.

Eh, but the list is not ending here, it’s growing with every day that pass. Even the silence seems suspect for me. But there are the pompous and cherished parts also, and when I get home, turning the key in the lock, she waits for me right in front of the door and that brings joy to my heart.
This week will aim to delight us with a little walk in the world of coffee: Coffee, coffee shops – Michel Braudeau. You will find here the mystery of miracle fruit and how it came to this magical drink, which is thawing our bones in the morning. I am recommending this book from the bottom of my heart, especially to those who do not stop at drinking the coffee but they truly savor it too. A little history and a small walk through the big cities of Europe, old coffee shops and a coffee made for everyone.

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