I refuse to talk to you

“Please overuse your intelligence, It’s sexy as fuck.”
Hello, world! I am back, finally, with more or less fresh forces. But the good part is that I am back and we’re gonna make major changes :-). It’s possible the title to be a little harsh, but it has an amazing story behind.
It seems that nowadays, socialization is underestimated. More than that, socialization between a man and a woman, it’s even rarer and evidently having other purposes, and certainly not friendship. So instead of getting annoyed, blocking people just because they want something else, filling their head with a lesson about how they are supposed to talk with someone, and so on, I have decided to thank them. Exactly, I am thanking them. Because of them, I have learned how to appreciate the real man, the one who starts a conversation with “hello” and not “you’r a hot one”, the one who has a good grammar or decent at least, the one who knows how to accept a “no” Refuz sa vorbesc cu tine - I refuse to talk to youwithout getting angry and after that trying to demonstrate to that Miss that he is a big macho guy, the one who desire to know woman’s mind and not only her body, the one who prefer a woman who knows more than smiling, the one who appreciate a conversation, and even more, to respect a woman. I am not refusing to talk with you, but from the moment you’re having bigger expectations than what you can offer, then we have a little problem. Look at yourself, make yourself better, make yourself an update or something, and maybe after you will know more than 3 bed positions and the last 3 match score, after you will have a stable job and not changing it after every 2 months, after you will respect the woman with goods and bads, after you will accept a no without exploding any vein from your forehead, then I will talk to you with my open heart.
Nobody is perfect, nobody was born taught, but what keeps by good manners, what keeps by the education you are given from your first years of life, that matters.
I am not perfect either and I will never be. I am accepting my defects as I am accepting my qualities, sometimes you might say that I am like a 5-year-old child who keeps hampering by anything and cannot hold a glass of water in my hand because I will break it for sure. But I will never underestimate the conversation, the knowledge, and good manners. It is possible that many women are just like the pattern described above and I am not denying it. But even so, my dears, try to understand that with this attitude you are underestimating yourselves.
That is all for today but, from tomorrow will be different.  ♥

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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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