Matching Tattoos ;)


Although the trip to Luxembourg was looking promising (except my summer wardrobe), was more like a meeting with the weather of London… Beautiful, amazing, cold and raining, and in the last day, the sun appeared. And the food was like beef, beef, and beef. But the truth is they know how to prepare it.
Not a long time after I’ve arrived, the question came: “What did you bring?”. The answer: “Turkish delight.” Don’t get me wrong, we had a layover in Istanbul :). And that layover was my escape because from the Luxembourg’s airport you can only buy coffee and nothing much. So dears, if you are going to or coming from Luxembourg, pray to have a layover so you can bring something for your friends.
And now to spice the things a little bit, let’s explain the title. The tattoos were always a passion of mine. A short time ago, on my hand, a beautiful lotus flower, contoured in mandala book vanisherstyle, made its place. Congrats and thanks to the artist who grinded his mind, giving the perfect shape of this tattoo. And how it’s always happening, when you make one, you want another one and so on, came to my mind a bright idea of involving my family too :). More exactly I’ve explored the situation with my brother and my sister-in-law, which wasn’t a big surprise they’ve accepted my conspiracy. One hour of debates and ideas, more or less crazy (we’ve got it to portraits also wtf).
And if you think that a tattoo will stop you from having a job, or that you will bitterly regret it on your older ages, then I will give you the contrary. I have a tattoo and I am employed. My care when I will be old will not be the tattoo, maybe my wrinkly skin, which I will catch it with clothespins (free lifting ☺), and I will tell my grandkids a story of how can a lotus flower bloom in the muddiest water.
This week’s book: “Angelique, the Marquise of the Angels” – Anne Golon. A book which my mother recommended me as, and I quote: “Is not your type. Don’t read it.” But, how Elena is stubborn, she grabs it and reads it and realizes that indeed is not her type of book. Maybe I like it and savored “Queen Margot”, but this book doesn’t fold either on a little piece of my soul. But if you want to go back in time, meet Angelique, and read about a conspiracy somehow well done, be my guests. Until then, do not tell my mother she was right.

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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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