Yes, I do need you!

“I’m defined by my character and my character is a strong woman who’s independent, following her dreams, wants love, wants a family, and wants to succeed just like anybody else in this world.” – Gina Rodriguez

I am not the type of woman who makes love declaration or expresses freely her feelings. But I have my weak moments, the way I am calling them, and this is one of them. Rarely, this kind of moments… Do not expect who knows what sugary stuff.
I had the unpleasant occasion to read an article in which has mentioned the fact that a woman if is independent, doesn’t need a man in her life, and the fact that a man’s role is to take care of a woman and not the opposite. I felt resentful and sad when I was reading it.
My dear, let me tell you this: I need you! Maybe from a material and financial point of view, I do not need anything. Maybe I’ve learned how to chance the light bulb by myself, and I can maintain the house without help. But, besides all of those, I need you. I do not want you to take care of me, but both of us take care of ourselves. In vain I have a warm home if in my heart is cold.
I will never grab with a man who will offer me expensive gifts and who will “take care of me”. But the man who will make himself time to search for me and ask how my day was, the one who will tell me “good morning”, even if it’s good or bad, the one who will have time to drink a coffee with me, the man who will treat me as an equal of his and not an inferior of his, that man I will let him enter my life.
Of you, my dear, I am in need.
Maybe one day you will understand that an independent woman will never want to be alone all the way, and the only thing which makes the difference between others is the simple fact that she needs no one to support her financially. Maybe she is with her feet on the ground, but sometimes she needs a person who will make her feel like she is flying through clouds.


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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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