"A guide to elegance"

“Sexy isn’t always about boobs or butts. It’s the way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you think.”

An amazing book was written by Madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux. A book which will be necessary for all young ladies or women this day: A guide to elegance: for every woman who wants to be well and properly dressed on all occasions.”
Although there are a lot of changes since 1964 when comes to fashion, in this book you will find advice and lessons needed to take knowledge of them even today. Madam Dariaux is talking to us about sophistication, elegance, style.
“When comfort becomes an end in itself, it is the Public Enemy Number One of elegance.” – How many women remain even today in the comfort zone and they haven’t given any importance for they way they are looking? Or how many of them doesn’t dress accord with their age or body? Every time I am going shopping is 99.9% chances to see at least 5 persons who bend over and show in front of everyone what underwear they have that day.
Forgive me, or not, but I do not believe it is that hard to dress in a way you will look good. And in this situation doesn’t count the financial stat, but common sense and most important the way you want others to see you.
My family has a decent life, but I have never seen my mother going out dressed in a gym suit or with a short blouse so I can see her belly button.
So women, and most ladies, I am asking you to take care a little more in your wardrobe. If you want to have someone’s attention, attract them with your good taste and your personality. And if you do not believe me, ask few men what is their opinion: will they still want to see a woman naked if she is already like that on the street?

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I am Elena (Helen). Blogger, book addict, reviewer, redhead, and maybe a bit out of my mind. But there is always room for more. Who knew?!

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